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Author: Alexandra | September 28, 2011 | Charity

Remember DIV Kinder eV? This organization supports children on the Ivory Coast and so do you. 1% of each of your chocri purchases is donated to this charity project. In the previous years it was already possible to finance a water well and several refrigerators with the help of your money. DIV-KinderheimThe current project focuses on building an orphanage in Gagnoa.

A few days ago we received some up-to-date pictures of the building. The workmen are done laying bricks, also the roof structure is solid, corrugated metal sheets are lying on top and windows as well as doors are installed. All it needs to finish the whole project is a reasonable ground floor and furniture.Spendenprojekt

We are very happy and proud to watch the orphanage grow. Obviously the money is being spent on something great and important. In the end so many kids will benefit from your donations.

One of those kids is Ibrahim. Playing soccer this little boy hurt his leg so badly that it had to be amputated. With your financial support it was possible to get him an artificial replacement and to supply him medically afterwards.

Where does the misery come from?

Ever since the Ivory Coast gained independence from France in 1960, the country quickly developed into one of the wealthiest states in West Africa. The ruling state president managed to establish political stability. When he died in 1993 things changed. Civil disturbances and economic difficulties led to fights all over the country. Nine years later the army acted against the government and took control of the northern part of the Ivory Coast. Ever since that time a lot has been tried to end this awful situation but new disagreements and struggles occur again and again.

We feel certain that also your future donations will make a precious contribution in supporting the people in the Ivory Coast. Again: Thank you all for your help.


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