Individual chocolate for your employees

Author: Alexandra | October 17, 2011 | Special-Offers

One for Mum, one for dad, one for granny and of course one for yourself. This is how you probably know chocri's chocolate; individual and personal. Personal however doesn’t necessarily mean there is only one presentee. Our individual chocolate may be great fun for lots of people at once. Whether at an exhibition, company party or as a promotional gift for clients, business partners or employees, everything is possible.

A tiny but meaningful gift

Especially the employees of a business are an essential factor of influence when speaking about the success of a company. Therefore a good work climate, motivation and identification with a business is extremely important. What about showing your staff that you care about them? What about saying “Thank You”? gift-employee You don’t have to go to great expenses, even a tiny gesture will be appreciated a lot. Chocolate is much-loved and brings (most of the people) happiness. For Christmas, a work party, an anniversary or as a little Thankyou now and then: Our chocri might be “only” a little delicacy, still it is unique and always different.

How do I get chocri for my company?

When ordering 100+ chocolate bars we offer the opportunity of not only creating your personal chocolate but also the packaging; it is also possible to print your logo on a chocolate plaque according to your wish. On our homepage you can find further necessary information; of course we will help you out via email or phone, too.


  1. November 8, 2011 | Nikita Gould said:
    Indeed, chocolates are people's go-to whatever occasion there is. When words aren't enough, chocolate is the answer! Ha ha

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