The perfect chocolate fondue

Author: Juliane | January 6, 2012 | Chocolate

It's cold, wet, and uncomfortable here in Berlin, so I make myself comfortable with a delicious chocolate fondue. But the pleasure of liquid chocolate on cold winter days is much better when shared with friends. So a delicious chocolate dinner with fruits, biscuits and even ice cream is the best way to spend the after work evenings. In case you still have some chocolate Santas just melt them with the rest of the chocolate.


A delicious chocolate fondue can easily be prepared. You only need the basic fondue equipment. I would recommend you use a small ceramic bowl that is placed on a chafing dish or tea cozy.

chocolate fondue

The chocolate

There are no limits set on the chocolate selection. For a classic chocolate fondue you usually use bittersweet chocolate with a cocoa content of 55%. You can mix this dark chocolate mass with equal parts of milk chocolate. Those who prefer something sweeter may add a little sugar to it. The fondue gets really exotic with grated coconut or pistachio.

Fruit, cookies, etc.

A chocolate fondue is a real vitamin bomb. Nearly all fruits are suitable for dipping. Especially oranges, apples and bananas are perfect, but also mango, papaya and gooseberry are delicious in a chocolate coat. Alternatively, small cookies, marshmallows and ice cream can be served with the fondue.

Our classic chocolate fondue

Is actually quite simple and requires no great knowledge. In a few steps you can create a perfect chocolate fondue for 6-8 chocoholics.

  • Wash, peel, cut and serve 1 kg fruit in small bowls
  • Chop 400g dark chocolate (55% cocoa content) and 200g of milk chocolate
  • Boil 500ml milk, 250ml cream, and 60g sugar. Pour this over the chopped chocolate and stir it properly. Mix 60g cold butter into the mixture and stir the creamy chocolate mass.
  • Now just grab the fruit skewer and start.

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