Bars of the month March

Author: Juliane | March 1, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

Lenten season, but we do not waive our chocolate of the month. And rather than to renounce our self-made chocolates, we intent to start to exercise and be active. Especially in early spring the perfect feel-good formula, and strongly recommended for imitation.Bars of the month March 2012 Sweet Cookies and Choco Strike

Our bars of the month prepare you for spring-like temperatures, spring flowers and sunshine. The bar Sweet Cookie is not only perfect for an afternoon coffee outside. Mini Christmas Cookies, Sprinkles and Caramel Pieces on milk chocolate, irresistible good, even if it sometimes crumbles. The bar Choco Strike is a real hit. Bitter dark chocolate combines Goji Berries, Cocoa Nibs, and Honey Chocolate Drops.

I wish you a perfect start in the spring!


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