Bars of the month May

Author: Mandy | May 1, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

In Germany there are saying: „April, April, he is doing whatever he wants.” This proverb is true, because the weather in april was either dry and warmly or wet and cold. We hope therefore for a beautiful and warm May.

chocris bars of the month May. With our bars of the month we want to bring us sunny days and mild and clear nights. The bar Caribbeandream you can relaxe with sunny fruit pieces of orange bits and mango cubes, coconut flakes on delicious milk chocolate. Our second bar of the month Raspberrymoon is decorated our ingredient of the month april: Orange Almond Brittle. These crispy pieces are accompanied by Raspberry Bits, Cocoa Nibs and Orange Chocolate Drops on soft-melting milk chocolate.

We wish you a wonderful May.


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    Amazing post! I like it!

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