Bars of the month October

Author: Mandy | October 1, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

In Germany it is getting colder, the days become shorter and the clothes are thicker. But that's not the time for beeing in a sad mood. bar of month octoberNow we can cuddle up with our favorite blanket on the couch, drink delicious tea and eat a lot of chocolate without bad conscience.

Our bars of the month october have been created by our production trainee Alexandra. The first bar looks like thanksgiving and colorful foliage: Glossy October consists of milk chocolate with crunchy Walnuts, sweet Apple Bits and our colorful Flower Mix. Our second chocolate bar is also very tasty. Sweet autumn is decorated with our ingredient of the month september: cookies with choco chips. These sweet cookies are accompanied by yummy Caramel Pieces and Sprinkles on soft-melting white chocolate.

Enjoy the autumn season.


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