Bars of the month November

Author: Mandy | November 2, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

bar of the month November Not only the summer, but also the fall has its beautiful sites. Now a walk outside can be very fascinating: Everything is beautifully colored by the leaves falling from the trees and making rustling slight noises when you walk over them. Especially for children the fall time is one of the most beautiful seasons. Everywhere they can collect ripe chestnuts, beechnuts and acorns to play with them and build little figures. And to fly a kite in the upcoming wind brings more fun than ever. The bars of the month November are inspired by the current season and call it in your mind with every bite. Our first creation is called beautiful autumn day. And consists of crunchy cornflakes, fruity sour cherries and chocolate sizzle rocks. These delicious ingredients are united on tenderly melting milk chocolate. Our second bar of the month doesn’t carry its name without reason: Sweet November forms with its dark chocolate the perfect base for sweet nougat pieces, fruity strawberries and our delicious ingredient of the month: marzipan balls.

A beautiful November with a great chocolate delight wishes you

your chocri-team


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