Milk and White Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Fleur de Sel, Orange Pepper, Writing 'I Love You', Chocolate Sizzle Rocks and Blueberry Yogurt Crisp

Milk and White ChocolateFleur de Sel (Sea Salt)Orange PepperWriting "I Love You"Chocolate Sizzle RocksBlueberry Yogurt Crisp
Milk and White Chocolate
  • Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt)
  • Orange Pepper
  • Writing "I Love You"
  • Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
  • Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
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Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt)
This white “gold” celebrates its comeback with chocri! We source our fleur de sel from Portugal, so strictly speaking it is "Flor de Sal". Both terms mean "Flower of Salt", and this hand-harvested sea salt is one of the most expensive. It is collected by workers in the Atlantic in so-called "salt pans". If you look at a big heap of fleur de sel, it is often slightly grey because of the minerals contained in it. Most importantly though, it will taste fantastic on your chocolate bar.
Orange Pepper
Orange pepper is a tasty mix of black pepper and citrus nuances. In the kitchen, it goes wonderfully with poultry and fish and gives a touch of Oriental flair to any dish. Whoever has the courage to imagine this zesty spice dashed across a deliciously sweet chocri is certainly in for a delight!
Writing "I Love You"
A heartwarming writing on a happy-making chocolate bar - what more do you need in life? Tell your loved ones that you care with this writing. Fonts may vary, but are pretty every time.
Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
Sizzle Rocks! These little fireworks for your chocolate bar are coated in chocolate (elsewhere known as Pop Rocks), so that they won't lose their exciting sizzle before they get to you or in the hands of the lucky recipient. Add them to your customized chocolate bars as an adventure for your tongue!
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp