Milk Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Colorful Chocolate Dragées, Sprinkles and Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating

Milk ChocolateColorful Chocolate DragéesSprinklesRice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
Milk Chocolate
  • Colorful Chocolate Dragées
  • Sprinkles
  • Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
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Colorful Chocolate Dragées
These dragées in colorful chocolate coating are simply fun! And guess which term we can't use because it's trademarked... exactly. There's just one last thing left to say: Enjoy!
After muffins, donuts and ice cream - the small sugar sprinkles have finally found their way to chocolate. They are a decoration essential since the colorful 60s.
Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
Since rice crispies have found such a followership among the chocri fans, we now double up on the sensory experience. Now that chocolate is all around the crispies, combining the tenderness of the chocolate with the crunchiness of the crispies all around.