Milk and White Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Gummy Bears, Writing: "Happy Birthday!", Real Silver Flakes, Chocolate Sizzle Rocks and Blueberry Yogurt Crisp

Milk and White ChocolateGummy BearsWriting: "Happy Birthday!"Real Silver FlakesChocolate Sizzle RocksBlueberry Yogurt Crisp
Milk and White Chocolate
  • Gummy Bears
  • Writing: "Happy Birthday!"
  • Real Silver Flakes
  • Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
  • Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
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Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears are a must in every secret candy stash. Whether your chocri is for a kid or a grown-up, the colorful little bears will make anyone’s day. They are made from sugar, sugar syrup, and a gelatin mixture – so get ready for a sugar rush!
Writing: "Happy Birthday!"
For the big day - a happy birthday chocolate that takes over the talking when everyone is left speechless in contemplation of a beautiful chocri. The font on these little beauties varies, but either way they'll be really pretty, or you'll get your money back/ new chocolate bars :)
Real Silver Flakes
You LOVED our gold flakes on our chocolate bars, so here's the equivalent in silver. It glitters, it sparkles, and it's completely harmless. The kind of taste it adds to your chocolate bar is more the kind of "good taste" and elegance you exhibit with your taste in looks and style, less so that it alters what your tongue tells you. Eyes eat, too, remember that! The perfect addition to any personalized chocolate bar intended as a fancy (yet affordable) and unique gift!
Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
Sizzle Rocks! These little fireworks for your chocolate bar are coated in chocolate (elsewhere known as Pop Rocks), so that they won't lose their exciting sizzle before they get to you or in the hands of the lucky recipient. Add them to your customized chocolate bars as an adventure for your tongue!
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp