Dark Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Cappuccino Chocolate Drops and Caramel Pieces

Dark ChocolateCappuccino Chocolate DropsCaramel Pieces
Dark Chocolate
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
  • Caramel Pieces
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Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
Try this ingredient for coffee house flair on your chocri!
Caramel Pieces
Toffee is a buttery version of caramel. Caramel itself is nothing else but sugar heated slowly to 340°F. That's pretty hot, as everyone knows who tried this at home before and burned their fingers because the caramel smells so tasty. But don't worry - the toffee pieces on your chocolate will have cooled down by the time you get them. Although your chocolate bar will still be "hot", only in a different sense.