White Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Colorful Chocolate Dragées, Cinnamon Cornflakes and Caramel Pieces

White ChocolateCappuccino Chocolate DropsColorful Chocolate DragéesCinnamon CornflakesCaramel Pieces
White Chocolate
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
  • Colorful Chocolate Dragées
  • Cinnamon Cornflakes
  • Caramel Pieces
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Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
Try this ingredient for coffee house flair on your chocri!
Colorful Chocolate Dragées
These dragées in colorful chocolate coating are simply fun! And guess which term we can't use because it's trademarked... exactly. There's just one last thing left to say: Enjoy!
Cinnamon Cornflakes
A delicious cinnamon flavor makes these the best cornflakes you’ve ever eaten! And with chocri, the little square flakes bathe in chocolate instead of milk, making them better than ever!
Caramel Pieces
Toffee is a buttery version of caramel. Caramel itself is nothing else but sugar heated slowly to 340°F. That's pretty hot, as everyone knows who tried this at home before and burned their fingers because the caramel smells so tasty. But don't worry - the toffee pieces on your chocolate will have cooled down by the time you get them. Although your chocolate bar will still be "hot", only in a different sense.