Milk and White Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Hazelnut Brittle, Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Coffee, Fleur de Sel and Writing: "Happy Birthday!"

Milk and White ChocolateHazelnut BrittleCappuccino Chocolate DropsGround Coffee BeansFleur de Sel (Sea Salt)Writing: "Happy Birthday!"
Milk and White Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Brittle
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
  • Ground Coffee Beans
  • Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt)
  • Writing: "Happy Birthday!"
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Hazelnut Brittle
Minced Hazelnuts with caramelized sugar – a real classic and also one of our most popular toppings! No wonder – it is perfect for every occasion and the flavor is to die for!
Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
Try this ingredient for coffee house flair on your chocri!
Ground Coffee Beans
If you love the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee, just imagine how much adding chocolate would improve the experience? Coffee was also the favorite ingredient at our New York Tasting!
Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt)
This white “gold” celebrates its comeback with chocri! We source our fleur de sel from Portugal, so strictly speaking it is "Flor de Sal". Both terms mean "Flower of Salt", and this hand-harvested sea salt is one of the most expensive. It is collected by workers in the Atlantic in so-called "salt pans". If you look at a big heap of fleur de sel, it is often slightly grey because of the minerals contained in it. Most importantly though, it will taste fantastic on your chocolate bar.
Writing: "Happy Birthday!"
For the big day - a happy birthday chocolate that takes over the talking when everyone is left speechless in contemplation of a beautiful chocri. The font on these little beauties varies, but either way they'll be really pretty, or you'll get your money back/ new chocolate bars :)