Milk Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Hazelnut Brittle, Gummy Bears, Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Nougat and Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating

Milk ChocolateHazelnut BrittleGummy BearsCappuccino Chocolate DropsNougat PiecesRice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
Milk Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Brittle
  • Gummy Bears
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
  • Nougat Pieces
  • Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
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Hazelnut Brittle
Minced Hazelnuts with caramelized sugar – a real classic and also one of our most popular toppings! No wonder – it is perfect for every occasion and the flavor is to die for!
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears are a must in every secret candy stash. Whether your chocri is for a kid or a grown-up, the colorful little bears will make anyone’s day. They are made from sugar, sugar syrup, and a gelatin mixture – so get ready for a sugar rush!
Cappuccino Chocolate Drops
Try this ingredient for coffee house flair on your chocri!
Nougat Pieces
Nougat is an absolute star in the candy and sweets aisle. It melts on your tongue with a sigh and loves chocolate – and chocolate loves it back. Unite these two on the bar of your dreams today.
Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating
Since rice crispies have found such a followership among the chocri fans, we now double up on the sensory experience. Now that chocolate is all around the crispies, combining the tenderness of the chocolate with the crunchiness of the crispies all around.