Milk Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Cranberries, Coffee and Cookies with choco chips

Milk ChocolateCranberriesGround Coffee BeansCookies with choco chips
Milk Chocolate
  • Cranberries
  • Ground Coffee Beans
  • Cookies with choco chips
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The cranberry is quite the sophisticated fruit! The berry has inspired countless delicious foods and naturally is not forgotten at chocri. Cranberries get their name from their blossoms, which are reminiscent of a crane’s beak. Cranberries belong to the same family as blueberries and add a sour, tangy flavor to your chocolate..
Ground Coffee Beans
If you love the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee, just imagine how much adding chocolate would improve the experience? Coffee was also the favorite ingredient at our New York Tasting!
Cookies with choco chips