Milk Chocolate Rechteck 100g with Strawberry Chocolate Drops, Marzipan Rose, Pistachios, Chocolate Sizzle Rocks and Blueberry Yogurt Crisp

Milk ChocolateStrawberry Chocolate DropsMarzipan RosePistachiosChocolate Sizzle RocksBlueberry Yogurt Crisp
Milk Chocolate
  • Strawberry Chocolate Drops
  • Marzipan Rose
  • Pistachios
  • Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
  • Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
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Strawberry Chocolate Drops
Chocolate and strawberries are always classic – ever had chocolate fondue? We offer the sinful seduction in drop-form.
Marzipan Rose
This big marzipan rose is an absolute eye catcher on your chocri bar. The rose, which is considered the ultimate flower, comes in many colors and shapes. With your chocri, you get the classic red rose, and we are sure that you know what that stands for...
We all love pistachios – but removing the shell is always such a pain! Lucky for you, we’ve already shelled and lovingly set your chocolate with savory, ready to enjoy, pistachios! Give pistachios a try – we certainly have!
Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
Sizzle Rocks! These little fireworks for your chocolate bar are coated in chocolate (elsewhere known as Pop Rocks), so that they won't lose their exciting sizzle before they get to you or in the hands of the lucky recipient. Add them to your customized chocolate bars as an adventure for your tongue!
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp
Blueberry Yogurt Crisp