Refrigerator Project

After the speedy and with excellent results of the “Wells Project,” we were so excited that we decided to embark on a second aid project. In the orphanage, refrigerators were desperately needed. Without them, the children could only eat food that would not spoil without refrigeration and when food that needed to be refrigerated was available, whatever was left unused would have to be thrown away. With refrigerators, the children would be able to eat a more healthful diet, less food would be wasted, and the orphanage could even make some money by selling chilled drinks. As our company was experiencing ever increasing growth, we were in a position to help make this second project possible.

Our goal was to raise 1500 Euro to purchase seven refrigerators for the orphanage. The large amount of orders over the winter holidays, successful media advertisement campaigns, and our expanding base of satisfied customers made it possible for us to not only achieve, but to surpass this goal. At the end of February, we were proudly able to transfer 4000 Euro to DIV-Kinder. Thus, the orphanage was able to quickly pay for the refrigerators and the remaining money was used for its other needs. It is remarkable that through our customers’ support, we were able to send such a substantial sum to the children of the Ivory Coast.