Wells Project

DIV Kinder When we began our partnership with DIV-Kinder, the organization was already busy with construction of a new orphanage. We were very excited to be the first company to offer financial support for the construction of the orphanage’s wells. We donated a total of 1000 Euros (Approximately $1400). In mid-September we wrote about our “Donation Goal” on our blog for the first time. Although our company was already involved in other non-profit efforts, including fighting against childhood diseases, we managed to reach 100 Euros for DIV-Kinder after just three weeks. We accomplished this by donating 1% of our profits, as we continue to do. We were very proud of these results and especially of the fact that many customers were also taking advantage of the option to personally donate extra to the organization. Almost exactly 2 months after we posted our first mention of the donation project on our blog, we posted the next big donation news: the first money transfer to DIV-Kinder had been done!

Since then, we have raised 800 Euro, which was used by the orphanage to build wells.

DIV Kinder

One week later, the remaining 200 Euro we needed to reach our 1000 Euro goal was raised and we received news that construction on the wells was ready to begin. The children and employees of the orphanage would soon have access to clean water, which many people in the world unfortunately still lack.

Looking back at that first well project, we are very proud that we were able to participate. The photos of the happy children and aid workers that were sent to us from Africa were so wonderful to see.

Thanks again for your support!