The Idea

Co-owners and friends Franz and Micha have experimented with chocolate making since childhood. However, the main inspiration behind chocri did not surface until 2008 when Franz needed to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend’s birthday. After many unsuccessful searches and unsatisfactory ideas, the genius thought struck him – he would decorate a chocolate bar with his girlfriend’s favorite toppings! With his girlfriend’s very particular taste, he would never be able to find just the right combination in a chocolate shop and neither would she! White chocolate with gummy bears and dried nuts and fruit was the end result and his girlfriend was overjoyed. And that was what you might call the first chocri.

Shortly after that first success, one of Franz’s friends asked him if he would make a specialized chocolate as a gift for his mother. It was only a matter of time before Franz and Micha’s little hobby turned into big business and on September 1, 2008, was established online.

Aside from being a chocolate company of the highest standards, chocri also is involved in philanthropic organizations and to read more about that, please take a look at our blog.