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Customized Chocolate Bar Company chocri Wins German Business Start-Up Award and Announces Its Upcoming U.S. Launch
September 29, 2009, PR Web
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Create Your Own Customized Chocolate Bar with Chocri - A Unique Valentine's Day Gift!
January 11, 2010, PR Newswire
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10 Billion Options For Your Customized Chocolate Bar Not Enough?
April 30, 2010, PR Web,
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Press Placements


Men's Health
The New Romantic's V-Day Plan
"Online retailer Create My Chocolate lets you pick from four variations of the sweet stuff (dark, milk, white, and milk-white), along with dozens of fruits, spices, nuts, and even grains like pretzels and cinnamon cornflakes."
February 2011

WW Magazine
Chocolate Valentine
"these bars, which you completely personalize, right down to the message!"
January 2011

The Shape List
"Check out the site's creative recipes, like the Anti Hangover..."
December 2010

The Star-Ledger
Mass customization indulges the unusual
"I bit into it and I thought, ‘Wow, this tastes exactly how I want it to taste,’ " he said. "It was almost a sense of accomplishment, knowing I designed a darn good chocolate bar."
December 2010

The Globe And Mail
For the picky people on your list, go for tailor-made gifts
"Take Chocri, a Berlin-based online company that’s a dream come true for Willy Wonka wannabes."
November 2010

Boston Globe
Sites try a customized approach to holiday shopping
"Chocri fills that niche very well — it’s a gift that says I know you, I created this gift specifically to your tastes, but at the same time it’s something you can savor without having to worry about finding a place in your home to store it after the holidays are over."
November 2010

e-Retailers tailor their offerings to find buyers
"Choose from four types of chocolate and 98 toppings (including rose petals and goji berries) and ship your dream bar anywhere, within days."
November 2010

Central Queensland News
Design Your Own Chocolate Bar
October 2010

New York Times
Putting Customers in Charge of Design
May 2010

SELF Magazine
Be SELFY This Month
"Order your main squeeze custom organic chocolate bars with primo toppings such as candied lilac and dried strawberries at"
January 2010


Unique, creative gifts under $25
"That's adorable. What a genius idea!"
December 2010

ABC 23
Short Orders Gift Guide 2010
"... Chocri is the ultimate gift. Here, they can pick from dark, milk or white chocolates and add a truly dizzying variety of ingredients to make their own, personal, ultimate treat."
November 2010

Live Well Network
Custom-Made Online
"Carmen Magar ... joins Gotta Know to explore some of the many websites that let you design your own products, from clothing to food."
October 2010

Working for free to find that next job
"For Kim LaCapria, the career field is like a box of chocolates: full of choices so when an opportunity opened up at a chocolate company, she was quick to bite"
June 2010

WBZ Boston
Adults Seeking Unpaid Internships
" internship can help lead to new connections, or perhaps a paid internship. That's what happened to Kim, according to Carmen Magar at Chocri."
June 2010

3 On Your Side
at the chocri offices in New York.
May 2010

WGN Chicago "Your Money Matters"
Gift Giving With Love's Lindsay Roberts recommends chocri.
"Design your own chocolates... it's very personalized!
May 2010

NBC Weekend Today AM Best Kept Secrets
Valentine's Day Gift Picks
"These are customized chocolate bars by chocri, and you make your own personalized chocolate bar...and they are SO yummy, I mean..."
February 2010

CBS 7 - Your Carolina
Valentine Gift Ideas
"This is my new favorite website!"
February 2010


InStyle Magazine
Gift Ideas for Him
"Customize these confections to say exactly how you're feeling."
February 2011

DETAILS Magazine
14 Guy Gifts for Valentine's Day
"Build a custom bonbon that proves you know your lover's guilty pleasures"
February 2011

Chubby Chinese Girl
Chocri: Customize and name your chocolate bars!
"Trust me, you'll have a great time customizing your very own!"
December 2010

Chocri Customized Chocolate Bar Giveaway
Chocri has taken that passion one step further by inviting the chocolate obsessed to create their own bars online."
December 2010

Liberty Press
Mikey Rox's Ultimate Guide
" from over 100 toppings, which includes traditional accompaniments like dried fruit and nuts and out-of-the-ordinary options like real gold flakes, jalapenos and bacon."
December 2010

Mikey Rox's Ultimate Guide
"Take notes, Hershey. Chocri customers can create their own sweet snack online, which is then hand-manufactured in Germany with premium Belgian chocolate."
December 2010

Cat Tea Room
Chocri Chocolate Holiday Specials: Design Your Own Chocolate Bar
"Chocri has new Holiday flavors and specials when you buy the boxed Holiday Favorites."
December 2010

Co-Create The Perfect Holiday Gift With A Mouse Click
"Simply start with your base (milk, dark, white or a milk/dark combo) and then add on toppings to your heart’s content."
December 2010

The GQ Gift Guide 2010: Customized Chocolate Bars
"Craft your own chocolate bar out of velvety Belgian dark, white, milk, or white/milk combo chocolate."
November 2010

My Central Jersey
Shopping for ... personalized gifts
"Everyone loves chocolate! I recommend customized chocolate bars from chocri at"
November 2010
Online food sites offer customizable products
"With more than 100 topping choices (gummy bears, gold flakes, bacon, and plum bits etc.), there are billions of possibilities."
November 2010

Best Stuff of the Year: 25 Under $25
"There are very few phrases in the English language that serve as a call to action more than 'Design your own chocolate bar.'"
November 2010

Customizing Kick—Design the Perfect Present
"Customize your chocolate bar by picking a base flavor of organic, fair trade Belgian chocolate and choosing from more than 100 toppings (candied lilac + hazelnut brittle, for real)"
November 2010

Cool Mom Picks
The make-your-own chocolate bar I made especially for you. And you. And you.
"But I've now found the perfect one-size-fits-all gift with just enough personalization to make it special to each one receiving it. "
November 2010

Gifts That Make Him Love You More
"Can you say yum? If spicy chocolate isn't his thing, you can create a bar just for him. "
November 2010

For the Health Nut: Customized Chocolate
"The arrangement and packaging are so well-executed, she won't even care if you're still judging."
November 2010

Want to Start Your Own Company? Try Mass Customization!
"Franz Duge and Michael Bruck were 22 years old when they started chocri (which I run in the US), two years ago, which now makes more than 50,000 customized chocolate bars a month."
November 2010

Chocri personalized chocolate bars giveaway
"A portion of every purchase goes to charity. It's good stuff."
November 2010

Domestic Geeks
"Not everyone has the skills and time to make their own chocolates (I know I dont) so now you can make your own custom chocolate bars without the mess!"
November 2010

AOL ParentDish
Create Your Own Chocolate Bar? Sweet!
"Sure, we've heard of custom sneakers, T-shirts and stationery, but custom chocolate bars? Now, that's one we can really sink our teeth into."
October 2010

Eco-Beautiful Weddings
"Never have we tasted chocolate that tastes so amazing and fresh."
October 2010

Sugar And Art
DIY chocolate!
"So go on, get creative, and make yourself (or someone you like enough) a delicious chocolate bar!"
October 2010

Venture Beat
VCs get onboard with design-it-yourself offerings
"Major chocolate maker Ritter says it invested in “the low seven figures” in Germany’s Chocri, a site that enables the co-creation of chocolate bars."
October 2010

VENTURE CAPITAL-Future in customization for masses
"...Chocri, a Berlin-based seller of "customized chocolate bars" that allows customers to mix and match ingredients much as they might with toppings on a pizza."
October 2010

Coco Myles Blog
Customized Bridesmaids Dresses Meet Customized Chocolate!
"If you’re a bride and looking for a great way to thank your bridesmaids for being there for you on the big day then we recommend you take a look at this great site:"
October 2010

How To Make Fancy Chocolate
"It's like a digital salad bar! They've made it ridiculously easy."
September 2010

New York Times Deal Book
Chocri and the Chocolate Manufacturer
"The German startup Chocri has enlisted the backing of major chocolate manufacturer Ritter for its plans to deliver personalized chocolate bars."
September 2010

Venture Beat
Ritter buys a big chunk of personalized chocolate startup Chocri
"Chocri is part of a wave of companies using the Web to deliver more personalized products — the most famous examples are probably jewelry companies like Blue Nile."
September 2010

Mass Customizers Hope for 8 Million Facebook Impressions
"Visitors choose the chocolate base (dark, milk, white or strawberry chocolate), and then select toppings of their choice to personalize their bar. These toppings include traditional items such as fruits, spices, nuts and confections, as well as more unconventional goodies such as bacon, jalapenos and ground coffee beans. Customers can also name their chocolate bar and pick a design for the wrapper. More than 10 billion combinations are possible, the site promises. It's the perfect product for a Wonka wannabe."
July 2010

The Independent (UK)
Share your food inventions with a click
"A German company that offers over 10,000 options of how to have your chocolate your way by selecting spices or herbs (cardamom, lavender, chives) fruits, nuts (cashews, wasabi peanuts), candies (gummi bears, lemon drops) and so much more..."
July 2010

5 signs that customer co-creation is a trend to watch
"Many startups have recently launched in specific verticals like dress shirts (Blank-label, Shirtsmyway, ProperCloth), chocolate bars (Chocri) ...and granola (MixMyGranola, MeandGoji). "
July 2010

Huffington Post
What Shoppers Have Been Waiting For
"For the super individualistic consumer, co-creation startups like Chocri, Shapeways, Ponoko, GemKitty, CustomMade and Blank Label allow you to design your own chocolates, widgets and accessories, jewelry, furniture and dress shirts."
July 2010

Managing Rapid, Unexpected Business Growth
"...demand for co-created chocolate has typically peaked during the winter holiday season, causing Chocri to sell out of inventory two Christmases in a row."
July 2010

The Stir
Five Spiffy Ways to Personalize Your Next Party
"Always wanted a white chocolate bar with pretzels and glitter sprinkles? You're in luck. German candy company Chocri lets you design your own chocolate bar -- beforehand as a party favor or as a party activity for older kids. "
July 2010

DIY chocolate bars put editor in sugar coma
"Barring a large lottery win, this may be the closest I get to channeling my inner Willy Wonka."
June 2010, by Jeff Sparkman

Chocri Brings You
" Chocri has you covered with You want white chocolate with banana chips and blueberries? Sure!"
June 2010, by Scott Merrill

NBC Connecticut
Live in a World of Pure Imagination with Chocri Customized Chocolate Bars
"Our pick is Goji berries, Noghi almonds and Bourbon vanilla, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Marzipan carrots and a dried flower mix for the green thumb in your life? They've got 'em. Bacon and black sesame? You betcha. Heck, they even have chives and mini sugar banana sprinkles if you're feeling brave enough..."
June 2010

Coco Perez
Create Your Own Chocolate!
"One percent of the profits from every chocolate bar goes to the Ivory Coast region to aid children plus for every 5 bars you make you get one free! Sounds delish!"
June 2010

Custom Chocolatier to the Masses
"Nothing says luxury like getting exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it. Chocri makes that dream a reality for choco-philes at"
June 2010

How CEOs are Using Social Media for Real Results
"Carmen Magar, CEO of Chocri, a make-your-own chocolate bar company, says the exposure makes a difference. '’s worth it because authenticity rules.'"
June 2010

The Next Web
The Business Case For Co-Creation
"Consumers finally get a product tailored to them. Not something that the masses will ‘tolerate.’"
June 2010

The Brooklyn Paper
Market crash! City scrutiny scuttles Greenpoint food vendor gathering
"A May 22 market featured more than 50 vendors ranging from Jerky’s chewy and salty dried Korean barbecue-flavored treats, assorted flavored kombucha tea from Mombucha, pickled pears from Anarchy in a Jar, and customized chocolate bars from Chocri."
June 2010

Red Ferret
Chocri Create My Chocolate – DIY chocoholic heaven
"This Chocri Create My Chocolate site is one destination you will definitely want to stay away from. Unless you’re into designing your own Belgian chocolate bars while donating money to African cocoa growers. Yep, not a place to visit at all. Seriously. Sigh, well don’t say we didn’t warn you!"
June 2010

MakeUseOf Custom Candy Design Service
"This brilliant viral marketing gimmick allows you to custom-create your own chocolate bar."
May 2010

7 Ways to Customize Your Online Life
"Gone are the days of bowing to the confectionery will of those prefabricated chocolate bars on the drug store impulse rack. With German-based chocolatier Chocri, all of your wildest chocolate dreams can now come true (though it looks like chocolate swimming pools are at least a few years off)."
May 2010

Create-your-own-chocolate-bar startup Chocri aims for US sweet tooths
"Once you’re done, Chocri builds the bar in its facility in Germany, then mails it to you. So you get a chocolate bar that hits your exact sweet spot — so to speak — and it’s probably fresher than what you’d buy in the supermarket."
May 2010

Design The Best Chocolate Ever
"Still, the Create My Chocolate website stands comfortably on a space of its own, and it also commands it quite effortlessly. And the fact that the site is so easy to use will make dethroning it something easier said than done... And if you are looking for anniversary gifts, this is as good as it gets.
May 2010

goodLife {eats}
Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Sweet Tooth Mom
"Customization is all the rage these days and you can do it with chocolate too! Head over to Chocri to build mom a personalized chocolate bar. Choose your bases (white, milk, or dark) and up to 5 different toppings ranging from fruits, spices, nuts, confections, decor, and grains. Right now my favorite is the white chocolate/apricot/pistachio/fleur de sel/gold flakes bar. YUM!."
April 2010

All My Faves
Personalization At Willy Wonka’s Factory
"You get to choose a base chocolate (white, dark or milk chocolate), and then your favorites out of more than 100 toppings.” Do I really need to say anything more about it? Go ahead and help yourself!."
April 2010

Design Your Own Chocolate Bar
"We were delighted to try the process, and came up with some delicious creations. And naming our creations was almost as fun as picking out the ingredients from an extensive list of goodness. The fact that Chocri uses organic, fair-trade chocolate from Belgium was an added bonus, both for our guilt levels and our taste buds."
March 2010

Is America On the Verge of A Co-Creation Invasion?
"These types of startups, which have gained more traction overseas than in the U.S., run on a model of on-demand production..."
March 2010

The Stir (CafeMom)
Chocolate Bars: What If You Could Design Your Own ... You Can!
"Thanks to Chocri -- a German chocolate maker that allows customers to design their own chocolate bars on its website -- I've gotten about zero work done today. Want to waste time, too?"
March 2010

One of a Kind Publishing, Inc.
What do you get when you combine Tropical Dreams, Sweet Heat in Winter and Dark Decadence?
"First of all, the packaging was great. I loved the fact that my chocolates were named, and had the ingredients on the back, which reminded me what I ordered. The real test though was in the taste. I can honestly say that the chocolate was of high quality. (Believe me when I say I am an expert!) And, the ingredients were real. The ginger in one of my chocolate creations was not a sprinkling of powder, but consisted of real chunks. I loved all of my chocolate bars and didn’t have a favourite."
March 2010

College Candy
The Know: Chocolate Just For You
"From pretzels, to cereal, nuts, fruits, sugary bits of heaven and various spices, you can craft the most amazing, delectable chocolate bar of your very own."
March 2010

Washington Post > On Success > Women Warrior
Sweet success
"What could be better?"
February 2010

12 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”
"Satisfy his sweet tooth and prove you know what he likes by giving him a customizable chocolate bar."
February 2010

Cooking with Amy
Valentine's Day Giveaway
"...I think a customized chocolate bar is a really fun idea."
February 2010

Cupid Smiles on Our Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
"Choose fair trade, and may Cupid smile on you!"
February 2010

The Succulent Wife's Favorite Things
Chocri Customized Chocolate Bars
"I love that they only use the best ingredients, starting with organic or fair trade chocolate from Belgium."
February 2010

Fair Trade Gifts Under $50
"64% cocoa with organic pretzels and extra salt? Oh, yes."
February 2010

What do you get when you combine my two passions: customization and chocolate?
"All in all, Chocri provides yet another example of mass customization in the food sector."
February 2010

Gigi Reviews
Chocri: Gigi's Sour Cherry Spice Bar
"...and while I take credit for the combinations that I put together, it is really all about the truly great chocolate and ingredients Chocri makes the bar with."
February 2009

Rare Bird Finds
Chocri: Gigi's Sour Cherry Spice Bar
"...more than 10 billion possible combinations for you to dream up."
February 2009

She Knows
Be My Valentine
"Customization is sweet in a whole new way."
January 2010

DINE Magazine
Sweeten up Your Valentine’s Day with a Chocolate Treat
"After you have created the perfect candy bar, create the perfect name and inscribe it on the package."
January 2010

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gifts
"... (there are 10 billion possible combinations). We created three pretty dynamite bars..."
January 2010

Full Circle must-have monday
"Basically, you have full control over making an insanely delicious bar of chocolate."
January 2010

To Have and To Hold Custom Sweets
"and I thought: “what a fantastic-ly awesome idea!” Sweets with lots of choice – now that’s what I’m talking about!"
January 2010

Aging Disgracefully
chocri Chocolate
"Chocri make a wonderfully smooth and rich chocolate."
January 2010

Forays of a Finance Foodie
Chocri Customized Chocolate Bars Giveaway
"- quality and creativity all rolled into one!"
January 2010

Cool Material
Chocri Customized Chocolate Bar
"Chocri upgrades the candy idea from lame to thoughtful."
January 2010

Healthy Snacks
Customize Your Healthy Chocolate Treat
"Chocri's chocolate is organic and fair trade. They are a small business in Germany, and they know how to work with chocolate."
January 2010

Examiner New York
Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2010 for chocolate lovers
"(It's so much fun!)"
January 2010

Gotham Gal
chocri customized chocolate bars
"Loved the site. Well done."
January 2010

David Noël
New York City just became home to another startup
"This is a huge step for a German startup and I applaud their effort"
January 2010

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice
Chocri Chocolate Relay a& Magic Cake in a cup
"Go play around on Chocri and see what kind of delicious combinations you can conjure up. Bet you can't resist."
January 2010

Savvy Auntie
Chocri Personalized Chocolate Bar
"Because every Savvy Auntie knows the way to their niece of nephew's heart is through their sweet tooth!"
January 2010

Foodie and the Everyman
That’s The Way (Uh Huh, Uh Huh) I Like It (Uh Huh, Uh Huh)
"I think I’m in love. Last night I came across the greatest idea I’ve ever wished I had. It’s called chocri."
January 2010

Thrillist Nation
Chocri | Fattening you up, your way
"...letting you concoct your very own candy bar by mating ingredients from its stock of eclectic flavors/toppings with your choice of base chocolate..."
January 2010

Chocri Custom Chocolates Review
January 2010

Former Chef
Customize your own Chocolate Bars with Chocri Chocolates
"What I did get was really quite good and truly, custom-made for my palate"
January 2010

Chicago Foodies
Chocri: Create My Chocolate
"The concept is simple: you choose your chocolate base (milk, dark or white), add up to five additional toppings, and your designer chocolate bars are shipped to you faster than you can say "Meine Schokolade!"
January 2010

Humby Zine
Chocri chocolate company | Chocolate bars you customize
"You’ll really impress your girlfriend when you hand her a hand-made chocolate bar with her favorite toppings that came all the way from Europe, just for her. If that doesn’t put a smile on her face, break up with her."
January 2010

Gigi Reviews
Chocri Custom Bar: "Gigi's Persian Bar"
"Everything was pretty equally balanced perfectly. And all of the ingredients were fantastic."
January 2009

Bored Panda
Design Your Very Own Chocolate Bar
"Taste: 10/10 and probably the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten."
January 2010

New York Buzz
Customizable Chocolate Bar Company Chocri Coming to the U.S. in Time for Valentine’s Day
"A unique gourmet gift for Valentine’s Day, chocri is sure to please that special someone in your life."
December 2009

A Busy Mom Of Two
Chocri Chocolates
"...the fact that we each got to choose our favorite type of chocolate and our favorite toppings, made the bars a real treat"
December 2009

Gigi Reviews
Chocri Custom Bar: "Gigi's Dream Lemon Bar"
"Y'know what? Chocolate really doesn't come any more fun than this!"
December 2009

Fashion Tribes
Custom Chocri Chocolate for Your Taste Buds & the Kids (in Ivory Coast)
"The fact that everything from the Belgian chocolate to the milk and the various toppings are all organic and fair trade is fab, but better yet, 1% of every bar purchased goes to help homeless and orphaned children in Ivory Coast..."
December 2009

ZOMG Candy
Creations - Part III
"Chocri the company gets a ZOMG for a great concept that’s nicely executed"
December 2009

Creations - Part II
"The milk chocolate base is pretty nice. It’s super thick and really coats the tongue and mouth."
December 2009

Creations - Part I
"The dark chocolate base was lovely: snappy, with deep, strong cocoa notes and a nice amount of duskiness."
December 2009

Stop and Smell the Chocolates
500th Post ~Celebrate With Chocri Customized Chocolate Bars
"FABULOUS unique gift idea!"
December 2009

Relentless Bride
Customized Chocolate Bars
"From Poppy Seeds to flax seeds, cranberries and more... you can REALLY customize these chocolates to your liking. How cool?"
December 2009

Customized Chocolate: As Weird As You Want
November 2009

The Daily Goodness
Design Your Own Chocolate Bar
November 2009

Christmas Gift
November 2009

Design Your Own Chocolate Bar
November 2009

Chocri Khan Let Me Rock You Chocri Khan
November 2009

Candy Yum Yum!
Create Your Own Candy Bar! (Or just eat mine, like Mr.Goodbar did)
November 2009

Candy Addict
Candy Review: Chocri
November 2009

The Chocolate Review
Chocri White Chocolate With Fruit
November 2009

Socially Conscious Gourmet Chocolate Products
October 2009

Mass Customization and Open Innovation News
Chocri Announces U.S. Launch -- Customized Chocolate Bars from Berlin
October 2009

Startup Spark
Chocri: Customized Chocolate Bar Startup
September 2009

Inventor Spot
Chocri Gets Your Mouth Watering With Customizable Chocolate Bars
January 2009

Custom-Made Chocolate Bars
December 2008