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Founded by Chantel, a fervent chocolatier at heart, createmychocolate.com is more than just a blog; it’s a community where enthusiasts can explore the intricate world of chocolates. From the lush cocoa fields that span across continents to the delicate art of chocolate making, we delve into every aspect that makes chocolate not just food, but an experience. 


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To enlighten and inspire chocolate lovers by providing a comprehensive guide to all things chocolate. We aim to be your go-to source for chocolate recipes, tips, history, and the latest trends in the chocolate universe. 


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  • Chocolate Basics: A deep dive into the origins, types, and selection of quality chocolate. Perfect for both novices and connoisseurs. 


  • Recipes & Techniques: Whether you’re looking to bake a decadent chocolate cake or craft homemade chocolates, our tried and tested recipes will guide you through creating mouthwatering treats. 


  • Chocolate & Health: Exploring the benefits and dietary considerations of chocolate to enjoy it in a healthy, balanced way. 


  • Discoveries & Trends: Stay updated with the latest in the chocolate world, including global cultures, festivals, and innovative trends. 


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