Is Overwatch 2 Going to Live up to its Hype: An In Depth Look

Is Overwatch 2 Going to Live up to its Hype An In Depth Look

In early 2016 blizzards new team based multiplayer shooter landed onto the scene and changed the game. It is still one of my favorite games to this day, and I always like to make sure I’m using the latest working overwatch cheats to give myself a leg up on the competition.

It’s wide variety of charming and unique characters alongside its strong core gameplay mechanics made it an absolute hit that gained a massive player base and its own esports league within the first five years of its release.

As with any other big popular game you can almost always expect a sequel and Overwatch is no different. Slated for a Summer 2022 release date, Overwatch 2 aims to recapture the cultural moment that the first one started whilst reinventing and readjusting its elements for a new and improved experience, but will it live up to the hype?

Is this a re-release or a new game?

There has been a fair amount of confusion as to the state of Overwatch 2 and how similar it is to the first. Thought it can seem like that on the surface, there seems to be a fair number of new additions to the game as announced so far.

Although the base game mechanics still seem to be there, each character and map has been given their own little make over in order to update them into the new game and subsequently the new meta. So, all in all, if you feared that it was going to be too similar to the first one you can put that to rest by the looks of it.

What are the key new features?

One of the major new elements added to Overwatch 2 is the new Push game mode, here players will work together to take control over a robot in the center of the map. When a team takes control of the robot it then moves slowly into the opposing team’s territory. Which ever team manages to move the robot furthest wins.

I think this new game mode is going to provide an interesting new dynamic to team play. The constant movement around the map means that players will he forced to keep on the move instead of setting up a defensive chokepoint in one area of the map.

Each character in Overwatch 2 is getting a rework for not only their cosmetic look but their abilities. Bastion for example is being switched up dramatically. He now is able to move in his turret mode. His secondary fire has also been swapped from a selfheal to a sticky bomb which he can shoot.

There has also been rumbling that they are going to give the three separate classes their own passive abilities in order to better differentiate them, but we aren’t sure on what that is yet.

And finally, it also looks like we will be getting new playable heroes as well as returning favorites, this is bound to shake up the competitive meta.

Is the hype worth it?

Overall, it’s hard to tell what will become of Overwatch 2. It seems to have had a troubling behind the scenes experience so far and the general public consensus seems to be all over the place.

If you ask me, Overwatch 2 looks like its going to have enough new and interesting additions to make it feel new and unique whilst keeping the spirit that made the original feel so new and unique when it first released back in 2016. Stay hyped!

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